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Soul of a Leader

Aug 9, 2020

Founder of Pay it Backwards Foundation, Tony March discusses his journey to success in life by paying it backward. His start in life was below the poverty line. He doesn't know his father. His mother never read a book to him or never looked at any of his report cards. He ate out of garbage cans until he was 9 years old. He grew up very poor and suffered a lot of abuse. Along the way, he had 4 amazing teachers that inspired him to push for education. When he was 16 he moved at least 17 times, he never knew what love is. He was never shown love. He broke the poverty cycle by getting an education. He goes around the country supporting homeless shelters instilling love and support to break the cycle. The codeword is "Love You" to those in the shelter that he visits every year. He was blessed to be hungry, he was blessed to not know where he was going to sleep. His faith drives him. He never would have made it without praying and faith in God. He is on top now in his career with owning over 20 car dealerships in 8 cities and 3 U.S. Patents.